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*Interested in helping lead our SLC events?! Apply to be an Ambassador!At The Women's Social Club®, we love bringing women together in all of the ways! WSC's offers a variety of Member Meet-Ups organized through WSC's App. If you're looking for a fun way to get to know new people while exploring new things to do in your city, join us! *Interested in helping lead our SLC events?! Apply to be an Ambassador!

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If you’re craving a community who will genuinely cheer for you…

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With our Members-Only Meet-Ups happening on WSC's App, we're making it easier for women to connect with new friends! As a WSC member, you also have access to ALL WSC Chapters nationwide. This gives members the option to connect if they're traveling, moving or interested in another city.

WSC is About Creating Authentic Connections 

The Women's Social Club's online community is where our members are able to connect directly with each other for ALL of the things! ⁠Including:⁠ Group Chats⁠, Member Directory⁠, Chapter Meet-Up Calendars⁠, Message Boards, Jobs & Networking Boards⁠, Direct DM's⁠ & everything in-between!⁠ With our in-person and online connection options, making connections (and staying connected!) has never been easier.

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We have teams! This is a BIG ONE. We are REAL people that plan things specifically to make it easier for you to meet people versus having to reach out cold to complete strangers.⁠ While we have interest-style meet-up options like book clubs and fitness classes, there are a TON of other options to choose from too! Everything from happy hours, dinners and coffee dates, to gallery tours, BYO picnics, community walks, movie nights and everything in-between. Here's a snapshot of a sample meet-up schedule from our app!

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Here's a link to our membership options where you can apply promo code, SLC10, to receive 10% off your first month of the monthly option OR a 3rd free month of the annual option (as our annual membership offers 2 months for free as it is)! You'll be directed to invitation links directly following checkout where you can start making new connections instantly. We can't wait to welcome you!

WSC's Membership

Avani loves to travel, read, and try new restaurants!

She is excited to meet some new people in the area and build a fun community! 


SLC chapter director

Meet the Team!

Hailing from the majestic mountains of Utah, McKell is a wanderer at heart. 

She thrives on breathtaking journeys, culinary exploration, and the thrill of finding new hobbies. McKell’s passion for teaching yoga also adds a harmonious balance to her adventurous spirit and creative pursuits.


SLC chapter ambassador

Megan moved to Utah in 2018 and has called SLC home ever since!

She loves having the mountains as a part of her backdrop daily. When she is not working, Megan is exploring with her pup, Remington, volunteering, fly fishing, snowboarding, or trying a new restaurant in SLC! 


SLC chapter ambassador

Corinne spends her free time in SLC volunteering, binging Bravo, trying new restaurants, and taking group fitness classes.

She enjoys working from home as a small business HR consultant and is currently on the hunt for the best spicy margarita in town. 


SLC chapter ambassador

Alyssa is an avid book reader and audiobook listener.

She also loves to travel and is passionate about food. Alyssa enjoys developing new and meaningful friendships while having some fun along the way! 


SLC chapter ambassador

We're currently looking for more Ambassadors to join our SLC team!

If you're interested in applying for an ambassador role with The Women's Social Club, fill out this application form and tell us more about your interest and experience!

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SLC chapter ambassador

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